Does Your Foundation Need To Be Replaced?

Foundation problems become worse over time. Minor cracking from moisture or settlement can turn into large cracks and other foundation issues that make it difficult to open or close windows and doors. At some point, you may even notice walls starting to bulge or floors beginning to slope. Similar problems can occur if the foundation was poorly designed, or built on expansive soil.

When the damage becomes too severe, the entire structure will weaken and eventually collapse. If your home or commercial structure is located in an area where there is seismic activity, the risk of collapse is even greater. When a foundation is damaged, one good jolt could knock the entire building down.

Regular inspections and home foundation repair can keep your foundation in good shape. However, when a foundation isn’t properly maintained or signs of damage are ignored, the foundation may end up needing to be replaced.

Foundation replacement is no small task and is costly. You will not be able to live in your home while the work is being done.

To begin with, all of the building’s utilities will need to be turned off. This includes shutting down water and sewer lines. Next, the home will be lifted many feet above the ground in order to replace the cement slab and surrounding walls. A trench may need to be dug around the house in order to remove the walls. Sometimes, it may even be necessary to remove the first floor of the building.

If the soil under the foundation wasn’t properly compact, it will be dug out and replaced.

Once the new soil is put in, it will need to be compacted. After the compaction, a new cement foundation will be poured, which will take several days to cure. The building may also need to be reinforced with steel or other types of support. Concrete and/or concrete blocks will be used to replace foundation walls.

Before the house can be put back on its foundation, the trench around the building will be filled in and any underground utilities will be reconnected. When necessary, outside foundation walls will be waterproofed. The building may also need additional interior and exterior repairs before the job is considered finished.

Foundation replacement can be expensive and take weeks to complete. Both lifting the building and providing proper shoring during the project can be costly. Many times the shoring will require utilities to be relocated.

In older homes, particularly buildings with stone or brick foundation walls, a footing may need to be built for the new foundation.

Annual inspections by an experienced home foundation repair company can help you avoid serious foundation and structural damage. A foundation contractor will look for signs of trouble in and around the building and provide recommendations on any needed repairs.

You should also make your own periodic inspections of the property. Never hesitate to contact a foundation repair professional or foundation contractor if something doesn’t seem right. It could mean the difference between a simple repair job and a costly foundation replacement.

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How to Determine Cost Estimates for a Foundation Repair

The way a cost of Foundation Repair is determined depends on the amount of damage, underpinning method, material, and number of piers required for proper support and leveling. To get an accurate estimate usually requires a thorough foundation inspection that can last from 30 minutes to several hours depending on the structure.

Certain types of soils move foundations. Foundations under homes stress and fatigue over time when the soil composition changes beneath the foundation and causes the home to become out of level. there are several signs a homeowner can see when a structure is out of level and needs to be repaired. The three levels of foundation damage are cosmetic, functional and structural.

Cosmetic damage usually shows up first with cracks in the exterior brick and the interior sheet rock walls and ceilings. This is quite disturbing to a homeowner whose home is their largest investment. These cosmetic cracks will usually prompt a homeowner to take action and call a foundation repair company to inspect the foundation and determine what if any repairs need to be done and, most importantly; how much the repairs will cost.

Functional damages are classified as parts of the structure that no longer function properly. Functional damage signs are doors that will not completely close or latch, Windows that won’t open or close properly, Huge gaps in the brick and mortar causing cold or hot air to enter the home. When the foundation gets distorted the framework and brickwork get distorted and out of level. Functional damages usually require piers or underpinning to level the foundation and correct the distorted areas.

Structural damages are the worst of the three levels. signs of structural damage are huge breaks in the foundation, sheet rock, walls and ceilings to a point where foundation repair may cause it to damage more. If your foundation has these signs you should hire a structural engineer to design a scope of repair along with piering method. You should also inquire from the engineer what best foundation repair companies he has had experience with to repair the foundation. One of the best referrals for a foundation repair company is from an engineer.

To determine the cost of foundation repair depends on the amount of underpinning or piers required to level the foundation. The estimator will determine the number of piers. A repair estimate is not broke down by labor and materials. An estimator or an engineer will figure how many piers it will take to properly repair the foundation and multiply the number of piers times the cost per pier. A decent size job of ten piers or more will usually be a lower pier price than a smaller job. The fewer the number of piers the more money the foundation company will charge per pier to repair the foundation.

Additional charges for engineer reports, plumbing tests, permits and concrete breakouts will add to the cost of foundation repair besides the foundation repair itself. Foundation repair in Texas is very competitive and a lot of people have foundation issues. Competition is good for the consumer but some contractors that give very inexpensive prices give you just what you paid for.

To help assure your foundation is getting supported correctly with the correct amount of underpinning It’s wise to have an engineer determine the number of piers and let foundation companies give you an estimate for foundation repair from the engineers scope of repair as outlined in your engineers report. It helps to protect you and the foundation repair company from having an under or over engineered plan of repair. Sometimes underpinning areas of a home that have raised because of a plumbing leak or poor drainage can lead to other damage and more repairs down the road. Repairing a leak or poor drainage that has caused an over saturation of moisture under a foundation will allow the area to get back to the proper moisture content after it has had time to dry out properly.

Estimates can vary in price depending on the foundation companies charge per pier. There are several different companies who use different piering methods, materials and machinery. A pier can range in price from as little as $100.00 to well over $1,000.00 per pier. The most expensive pier is not always the best and the least expensive is not always the worst. Pier prices are influenced by location and availability of materials and competition in the particular market area. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area a repair with concrete pressed pilings averages around $300.00/pier but in other areas of the United States, where competition is low and materials are not as accessible and need to be delivered; pier prices can jump several hundred dollars more per pier.

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